The Benefits of Black Soap for Beautiful Skin

black soap

The history of black soap goes all the way to traditional recipes and local tribes. Its origins trace back to the Yorùbá tribe of Nigeria.

Also referred to as “African black soap,” black soap is made from the ash of African plants—usually cocoa pods or palm tree leaves, sometimes shea tree bark and plantain skins—that are locally harvested. The dark colour of the ash gives black soap its characteristic black colour.

Those soaps that are made in Africa are pure, not like the ones that are made in Europe or in the United States which usually have artificial ingredients.

How Black Soap is Made

  • First the plant matter (such as plantain skins, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, and Shea tree bark) is sun-dried
  • Next the dried plant matter is burnt to ash
  • Then water is added along with various oils and fats, some of which include coconut oil, palm oil and Shea butter
  • Once this process is complete, the mixture is cooked until it solidifies
  • It is then hand-stirred for at about 24 hours
  • The semi-solidified soap is then scooped out and allowed to “cure” [source]

The Benefits of Black Soap for Beautiful Skin

One of the most common uses of black soap is to cure skin conditions and problems such as eliminating blemishes, evening out dark spots, skin rashes, removing body odors, eczema, thinning fine lines and razor bumps.

Loaded with vitamins A and E,  black soap can also be used to remove makeup and for light exfoliation. Black soap is also chalk full of iron and because of the high levels of shea butter, provides excellent UV protection.

Mama’s Life Products Natural Black Soap is available in the WOC BEAUTY Box. For the best results, you can take the black soap apart and knead it into a ball to make sure there aren’t any jagged edges, and rub between hands to work into lather. Use it for showering, bathing, washing your hands, hair and face.

Revered for having skin nourishing benefits due to an abundance of antioxidants, Mama’s Life Products Natural Black Soap uses 100% unrefined raw shea butter.

Shea butter has been used for centuries for its amazing abilities to renew, repair, and protect the skin. Shea Butter helps to alleviate eczema, soothes sunburn, minimizes stretch marks, long lasting moisturizer, rich in vitamins E, A, and F.

Mama’s Life Products Natural Black Soap also includes roasted plantain skin, cocoa pod, coconut oil and palm oil—an ingredient that helps skin fight free radicals that damage skin,

Natural Resources and Ancient Knowledge

Africa is immensely blessed with so many natural resources and ancient knowledge. Most of these have been passed down from generation to generations in the form of culture.

We’re so lucky and honoured to be able to provide our customers with natural and healthy products.

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