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What most people don’t know is that the ‘U.P’ in U.P. Beauty stands for Unforgivingly Pur. and that’s the standard that we hold our brand and products to. We are unforgiving in how pure the ingredients we use are, which means you can be confident in the quality of products that you will receive. When you shop U.P Beauty, you can also feel good that a portion of each purchase goes towards helping a special child through our contributions to Make-A-Wish Canada.

UP BEAUTY is all about…
self-love and self-care. We specialize in what we call the modern basic essentials: soap, lotion, and deodorant, 3 categories that are essential to everyday life, health, and good hygiene. Our goal is to make natural products smell good and look more attractive so that they can easily replace the chemical ridden products that are on the market today.

Benefits of using UP BEAUTY
Other than the individual benefits of each product, our brand provides each consumer with the peace of mind in knowing that whatever product they use personally or gift to another is natural, nourishing, and of good quality and value.

Culturally speaking who is UP BEAUTY?
Being of Jamaican descent, natural remedies are in our blood. Growing up Jamaican means there’s a bush tea for everything and gas is the leading cause of all ailments. That being said, I think our curiosity to research the benefits of different ingredients and our determination to finesse such natural remedy’s in a way that is non-traditional is definitely an influence on our business. Our genuine vibe, bold scents, and unapologetically blue branding are a few ways we represent our culture’s influence in our business.

The future of UP Beauty
You can look forward to seeing more of U.P. Beauty in the upcoming year. We do have a couple new products like a Body Wash, a Nut free body butter (lotion) and maybe a lip gloss line that we’re working on in the background but for us, 2018 is a year for partnerships. We have made connections with some amazing companies/entrepreneurs and are looking forward to joining forces with them and doing some awesome collaborations.

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