Healthy Habits to Maintain Your Natural Hair

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Although the curly, kinky shape of our natural black hair makes for some of the most beautiful and diverse locks, we all know that natural black hair tends to suffer from chronic dryness.

That’s because whether your hair strands are wavy, curly, kinky, S-shaped or Z-shaped, all those curls hinder our scalp’s natural oils from reaching the ends of our hair.

We always have to take extra steps and care to ensure we’re maintaining healthy and moisturized curls.

Below are a few tips and healthy habits to help you maintain your natural hair:

  1. Wash your hair weekly; When you wet your hair the water molecules actually penetrate the hair shaft and make the hair softer and more elastic. Hot water is great to remove oil and dirt from your hair and scalp. Cold water causes hair follicles to close up, keeping your hair strong and sleek.
  2. Use a shampoo and conditioner within the same product line or test the pH of your chosen shampoo and conditioner to ensure they complement each other.
  3. Deep condition every week; Deep conditioners contain moisture-boosting elements and proteins that a) strengthen the hair cuticle and b) enhance the hair strand’s moisture.
  4. Seal-in the moisture with a good oil; Lala Skin Essential Premium Gold Oil is a unique oil blend that serves as a moisturizing and hydrating therapy for the skin and hair. Enriched with vitamins, skin  and nourishing oils to provide skin renewal and repair.
  5. Drink lots of water; When you’re dry and chronically dehydrated, your skin can become dry, cracked and just not healthy looking. The same goes for your hair. Even though your hair is made of dead cells, your hair follicles are alive and creating cells and need that hydration to produce stronger cells.
Lala Skin Essentials

Lala Skin Essentials


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