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Every woman of colour knows that a trip to the beauty supply store can be an hours-long experience. The multitude of options seems like a blessing until you’re stuck in the aisle trying to decide which product to try. Chances are, you’ve still got some bad choices sitting in the back corner of the cupboard under your sink, collecting dust.

Scanning the shelves of your local department or drug store can be equally frustrating for the exact opposite reason—there aren’t enough products made for you. The foundations and concealers are too light, the lipsticks are too bright, the shampoos are full of sulfates and the skin creams leave you dry. You either abandon your search and leave the story empty-handed or pick up something that will “just have to do.”

With time (and money) at a premium, taking the search online can seem like the perfect solution. From YouTube to Instagram, you’ll find hot new products trending weekly and a plethora of reviews from other women. But when you find that product you just have to try, it’s either unavailable in Canada, or the cost of shipping it to your door is jaw dropping.

Ladies, it shouldn’t be this hard

And now it doesn’t have to be. WOC BEAUTY is the first subscription box created for women just like you—Canadian women of colour and diverse ethnicities who want to get their hands on the best beauty, cosmetic, and lifestyle products without the hassle and without putting a dent in their wallets. Our goal is simple. We want to offer you an easy and affordable way to treat yourself to beauty indulgence and discover products designed with you in mind.

Every month, we take on the challenge of seeking out popular, top quality products so you don’t have to. All of the products we choose are expertly sourced from established and up-and-coming Black- and POC-owned brands, both Canadian and American.

We consider all your unique needs, from dry skin to damaged hair and everything in between, and find the products that offer the solutions you need. Then we package them up and deliver them right to your door to try. And it will all cost you less the gas you’d burn trekking to the store.

We’ll make every month feel like your birthday when you open your WOC BEAUTY subscription box to discover all the goodies made just for your hair, skin, and body. It’s time you got beauty without the hassle and indulgence without the expense.

Are you ready? Subscribe to real beauty.



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